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Project Color app, a game changer when it comes to color selection

As a blogger, I was contacted by The Home Depot to share some tips on color selection and decor. Although I’ve received compensation, my opinions stated in Project Color app a game changer when it comes to color selection are my own. For more updates on their products you can always follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

What is color? Some may say that color makes a room brighter, others will say that adding a dose of color can transform and entire space. If you ask me, color is full of emotions. Since I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to those that can make me feel calm and relax. But how do you choose the right shade?

The app that’s a game changer

An inspiring photo of a beautiful beach pushed me into the path of finding the right shade of color. I’ve been wanting to redesign my daughters’ bedroom in time for fall, and this photo presented a great opportunity to do so. But how could I transform an image into specific colors?

Project Color App Girl's Bedroom App

For years I’ve been buying Behr paint (available at the Home Depot) for many of my home projects. After realizing they had an app that will help me in finding the right shade for this room, I immediately downloaded it. The “Project Color” app offered great information about trending colors and amazing how-to’s. But one of my favorite features was the “Match a Color”. By taking a photo or grabbing and existing one from my camera roll, I was able to point to a specific area in the picture and the “Project Color” would tell me the the name of that paint color. How amazing is this.

Project Color App Girl's Bedroom App

This feature didn’t only give me one paint name color, but two additional alternatives as well. Once, I had collected the colors that I liked, I went into the Home Depot to search for the color chips to see them in person. The “Project Color” app is a game changer because it speeds up the process of selecting a color.

Seeing the colors in the space

After choosing the colors for this room and adding some decorative moldings on the walls and windows, we started to paint. I chose three colors that complemented each other (Vintage Charm N160-3, Shoelace OR-W13 and Clay HDC-NT-04A) and since it’s a girls’ bedroom, I used that beautiful Vintage Charm as an accent wall. To enhance the architectural details that we added, I used the darker color, Clay. The rest of the room was kept light (using Shoelace) to make the focal wall more striking. Project Color App Girl's Bedroom Paint Swatch Project Color App Girl's Bedroom Mirror

Accessories that complemented the look

Now that these walls had their full makeover, I wanted to finalize this room redesign with some fresh accessories. Over the beds I used the Wink Butterfly 2-Piece Grey Twin Comforter. This delicate set added that whimsy final touch over the beds.

Project Color App Girl's Bedroom BedProject Color App Girl's Bedroom Beds

My daughters’ book collection also got a new house. The White Storage Pantry that I found at the Home Depot helps displaying all those precious books and keeps them at their reach. Who says a pantry couldn’t double as a bookcase!

Project Color App Girl's Bedroom bookcase 2Project Color App Girl's Bedroom Bookcase 4 Project Color App Girl's Bedroom bookcaseProject Color App Girl's Bedroom Bookcase 3

Lighting is another aspect in a room’s redesign that brings the opportunity of changing its look. I replaced the existing chandelier for the contemporary Molecule 4-Light Satin Brass Pendant. But since my daughters all love to read before going to sleep, I also added two 1-Light Natural Brass Sconce on top of their beds. Now there’s no excuse for an additional reading time.

Project Color App Girl's Bedroom Chandelier Project Color App Girl's Bedroom Beds

This room is now ready for fall and just in time for back-to-school. The experience of playing around with color and choosing the right one for this room was a breeze thanks to the help that the “Project Color” app. The Project Color app was a game changer when it comes to color selection. It also makes designing, finding, and buying your paint project easier and in less time. For this upcoming Labor Day weekend take advance of their promotion of $10 off 1 gallon / $40 off 3 and 5 gallons. We finally said goodbye to boring pale wall colors and hello to a modern look! What would you like to paint today?

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