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Sourcing tiles for a kitchen

Now that the garage has been closed, electrical and plumbing were done and walls raised, let’s talk tiles. Sourcing tiles for a kitchen is one of the most important parts when designing this area. These will add character and unify the space while integrating the owner’s personality into the design.

Sourcing for kitchen tiles Selection

Chose the protagonist

Shopping for tiles for some can be overwhelming. But before going out to shop, think about which will be the protagonist of the space. On this kitchen I wanted the floor to have a main role. Either by using a distinctive pattern. or an specific tile design I knew that the floor needed to be present in this room.

After doing some research about the style I wanted to bring into this area, it was time to shop. Besides arches, another design detail I’ve loved for a while is the pattern of woven cane. This was something that also brought back memories from my childhood. Vintage rocking chairs and some side tables and other furniture were (and still are) made with caning. Having a similar pattern in my kitchen was a reminder of past times from when I lived in the island of Puerto Rico.

Sourcing for kitchen tiles Pattern

Finding the perfect tile pattern was not easy. But finally saw exactly what I wanted at The woven style needed two type of tiles: a hexagon for the center and some slanted tiles. These tiles were the perfect size for the kitchen floors.

Sourcing for kitchen tiles Floor Tile

Simple textural backsplash

Having already set on the main tile for this space, it was now time to chose the backslash. I knew that the tile that I was looking for had to be simple, yet had some kind of texture that will play well with the floor. My first thought was subway tile because of its clean lines. But having done this on my previous kitchen felt boring and so repeated.

Sourcing for kitchen tiles Choosing

Faced with a new challenge, I ended up deciding on a gray brick style tile with a very interesting texture. My plan is to have these installed in a vertical stacked bond. These will tied in the kitchen and provide an interesting accent overall.

Laundry dreams

Having already set my mind also on the laundry space (sharing more soon), I decided to chose the backsplash of this area as well. The laundry will be next to the kitchen but separated by an arched walkway, so flooring from the kitchen will be continuous. As an accent to this area I chose a mosaic tile with a baroque vibe.

Sourcing for kitchen tiles Laundry Tile

Sourcing for kitchen tiles Laundry Tile 2

Sourcing tiles for a kitchen takes time. Choosing the right one for your space will help in the overall look and to bring the vision of the design to life. Don’t miss the next post where I’ll be sharing more on the selection of appliances for this kitchen and the importance of having the right specifications for them.

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