Know How She Does It

Let’s connect virtually with eDesign

Hey friends! So happy you’re here and welcome to my virtual design offerings. I’ve been waiting to develop this project for awhile now in response to so many of you who have asked me about my design services. I know many of you are not near Miami but still would like to benefit from the services of an interior designer/decorator, and that’s when I come in. With my help we’ll materialize your dreamed space, like that bathroom I designed in the image above. This is just a tease of what I’ll be able to send your way. So, let’s connect virtually with eDesign!

How this rolls?

Like in any relationship, I would like to get to know you better. What are your interests? How does the area in need works? And the only way that I’ll get to have a better sense of your likes and dislikes is by asking some basic questions in the form of a simple questionnaire (you’ll find it below). Also I would like you to share with me any Pinterest board or photo that might have grabbed your attention.

What’s the next step?

Now, let’s chat briefly by phone to go over some details about your vision for this area and your wish list.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get

After I’ve gathered all the information, it’s time to design! The first thing you’ll received is a concept design. After this first part has been approved, I’ll work on finessing the project’s details. Once the design stage has been fulfill, you’ll receive an email that can include a rendering of the area, basic floor plans, details of the furniture and/or finishes to buy with direct links to all the products, etc (depending on the package selected*). See the example below and then make sure to fill in the questionnaire so we can start this transformation journey!


Quick and Easy ($400): 

For that one room that needs quick ideas on color and furniture rearrangement. I will provide you with a color plan and a basic room floor plan to make the most out of what you already have.

One Full Room ($800):

(IDEAL FOR INTERIOR ROOMS, Excludes BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS*) I will completely redesign this space and will provide basic floor plans and elevations (if needed), details of the furniture and/or finishes to buy with direct links to all the products, lighting options, paint color, finishes, etc.(*ADD $300 FOR BATHROOMS AND $400 FOR KITCHENS)

One Full Room Plus, $1200: 

(IDEAL FOR INTERIOR ROOMS, Excludes BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS*) Everything described in the “One full room” plus a 4K rendering (with up to two views. This addition will bring the concept to life and you’ll be able to understand better how the room will come together. (*ADD $300 FOR BATHROOMS AND $400 FOR KITCHENS)

(Any of these packages can be upgraded to work on more than one room. Please email for pricing)

Revisions: For both “One full Room” and “One Full Room Plus”, there are up to two changes or revisions. Additional changes will have an hourly fee charge.

Calls: All calls need to be schedule via email. 

Measurements: All measurements are expected to be taken and sent by the client.

eDesign Example Presentation

With my eDesign services you’ll get details on what and where to buy things, an floor plan, renderings for a realistic feel of the space and so much more!

Let’s connect virtually with eDesign!

After filling out this questionnaire, I’ll be sending back more information about the design packages. Make sure to check all the folders in your email since sometimes these can get caught up in different one. Looking forward to working with you!