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A Designated Area For Wine Kitchen Reno
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A designated area for wine

I feel honored as a blogger and interior designer (sharing with my followers all the details about this kitchen renovation) that Build.comhas been an important sponsored of this project. The opinions stated in Unveiling our rustic yet modern kitchen space are my own. For more about their products and newest trends in home renovation, you can always follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

In our new kitchen a designated area for wine was a must. We’ve been wine lovers for quite sometime, and started our own collection of vintages with a very small wine cooler. For a while we were only able to store 18 bottles on our little 14″Wx 20″D x 25″H. Of course this didn’t limited our passion for good wines, so the remaining bottles lived under our bed for awhile.

A Designated Area For Wine Side View

A designated area for wine

Choosing a special area to cheer for life brought some challenges. We wanted this area to feel like a straight invitation once you came in from the front door. Finally the spot was conceived close to one of the arched windows, an important focal point in this kitchen. Now that we knew where our next real wine fridge was going to live, it was time to chose the right one.

A Designated Area For Wine Good Wine

A Designated Area For Wine Friday Chill

From 18 to 151

After searching far and wide, we found the perfect wine fridge at One of the most obvious requirements while doing our search was that we could store all (and more) bottles of wine. The Avallon 24 Inch Wide Built-In (AWC242TSZRH) had capacity for 151 vintages which fit perfectly into our lifestyle and kitchen design. Another important feature of this cooler was the option to choose between single or dual zone (for when storing reds and wines at different temperatures). We decided on the single zone to keep all those reds in a constant same temperature. 16 sturdy roll-out shelves will make accommodating our bottle a breeze. Another fun feature of the Avallon (AWC242TSZRH) it the options of lighting. With this model one can alternate between white LED or a soft, blue LED, based on your preference. To keep that precious wines collection safe from little curious hands,  this cooler comes with a lock and key set at the bottom of the door.

A Designated Area For Wine LED LightA Designated Area For Wine Key LockA Designated Area For Wine Closeup

This wine cooler brought a new reason to celebrate and a stylish accent into our newly renovated kitchen.

A Designated Area For Wine Front View

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